Fueling Membership Club Rules

Only accepted credit cards will be valid for payment at the fuel pump. Please read the following rules before enrolling.


Safety Rules

  1. Stop engine when a fueling position.
  2. No smoking allowed around fueling island.
  3. Discharge any static electricity build up by touching your bare hand to the car vehicle metal away from the fueling point before touching the fueling nozzle.
  4. Turn off cellular phones and electronic devices when at fuel island.
  5. You must stay outside of your vehicle while fueling.
  6. You must stay at fuel nozzle while fueling.
  7. Keep face away from nozzle and gas tank.
  8. Keep fuel away from eyes and skin.
  9. Never siphon by mouth.
  10. It is unlawful and dangerous to put gasoline/diesel into unapproved containers. Could cause fire.
  11. Approved containers must be fueled on the ground and keep nozzle in contact with container.
  12. Emergency pump shutoff is located on the building. Press in to turn off all fueling positions.
  13. In case of a spill call emergency contact number.
  14. In case of fire use the extinguisher located on the island, call 911 and the emergency contact number.


Ready to Enroll?